How do you say no to a guy after you already said yes?

There's this guy I’m really good friends with. We used to date but I’m not good at relationships so we broke up but he’s asked me out several times. The freshman dance is coming up next month. He made me a huge poster that said “Will you go to Freshman with me?” and there we're like hearts and shit, it looked kinda cool… but i think we’re a little old for this.. so anyways, at lunch he like stood up and asked me to the dance in front of everyone and i didn't know what to say... i couldnt say no in front of everyone.. so i said yes. I’m really regretting saying yes because i Really dont want to go to the dance with him... can i tell him i changed my mind?


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  • Go with him to the dance, enjoy it this will be the moments you will remember for forever even on your deathbed.
    You are never old for such things.. Coming from a person who missed such things and now regret it..
    Tell me where will you find a guy with enough balls to bring out a poster and ask you in front of everyone that will you like to go with him...
    He was mentally prepared for the downfall of you saying 'No'... He took that risk...

    Only reason you have rights to turn that guy down is if there is another guy, who asked you similarly and you have already a better relationship and interest In him


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  • "but i think we’re a little old for this"

    • I don't mean to offend you. I just find it very amusing for a 14-year-old to say she's too old for this. Don't shoot him down. Go and have fun. What's the worst that can happen?

    • haha well yeah your right.. but I don't want to lead him on

  • If you really dont wanna go just tell him the truth you didn't want to embarres him infront of everyone so you said yes until you could speak to him in private

  • Lol
    He'll be pissed if you'll say no
    If you don't care then you can say by the way


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