Girls, would it make you feel uncomfortable if a guy you didn't have feelings for asked you out?

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  • It would, based on the question it sounds like he already knows in not interested and is asking me anyway, which is fine but if I made it clear prior it seems like an unnessary conversation

    (Unless he wasn't aware prior, can't really blame him for just making sure -he's got guts😉)

    • What if he did it through Facebook. Then he wouldn't have as much guts.

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    • go for it, why not

    • Because she just rejected me. :(

  • No.. Because I would still consider it to be a huge compliment.. Naturally I would let him down gently.

    • She said she was flattered but also felt uncomfortable.

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    • But is that the sole reason she rejected me? Surely she never liked me in the first place?

    • How am I suppose to know that? .. That will be something no one will know.. Except for her.

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