Guys - Do You Typically Date Women Older, Your Age, or Younger?

I'm very curious about this. I am 25 years of age, have never been in an actul relationship and I have all my ducks sitting in a row (car, apartment, college educated, career). I have been looking to meet women, BUT it is extremely difficult. Here is why:

-When I talk to women my age (or 2 years younger), they already have kids. It seems like everyone already has 1-2 (sometimes) three kids and then they get snippy or annoyed when I don't want to see them again.

-When I talk to older women, they already have kids or they aren't looking for anything serious (they just want to date around and have no intentions of a relationship with a younger guy or sex).

-Also... when I talk to women my age, if they don't have kids... they are either too focused on their career or too focused on their friends and going out, instead of meeting a nice guy... ORRR they date men who are in their upper 30s.

It seems like, at this time, the only type of women who would be open are younger women 18-22. Those types of women usually show interest, would like a man who has his stuff together... and it is a good age to catch them at before they meet someone else and instantly have their kids.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • My age or older.

    I get where you are coming from. Even when I tried dating guys a bit older, they have a kid already. I'm not interested in having children and they get angry when I specifically told them right away I am not interested. I gave it a chance once and not doing it again.

    • Yeah, it's truly frustrating meeting women with kids. Like, recently, I met this really attractive woman and she was my type in many ways... HOWEVER... I found out she had TWO kids, and she was only 22. I don't need that in my life.

    • Yes, that is a lot of stress, in my opinion. Maybe when I'm older, like 30-40s and single I'll try dating someone with a kid again. But not at this time.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe you didn't have a relationship yet because you are too picky? Surely many 18-22 have kids and many 22+ dont?

    • It seems everyone has a kid these days.

What Guys Said 3

  • I prefer younger, although women my age would also do. I don't prefer older women.

  • Almost always have dated younger

  • Age no bar, nice ass is all I care for!