Should I go on a second date with him?

I go to school with a guy that I've been interested in for months. During this past month we finally started talking to each other and we had our first date last night.

I think the date went well. I had a good time and think were surprisingly comfortable (I was really nervous about the date) but towards the end I was starting to doubt whether or not I like him. we went out around 7 and I was home around 12 so maybe it was because I was just tired. He is very interested in me and was already been talking about a second date about an hour into our dinner.

I go over the date in my head and I smile when I think about it but then all of a sudden I start questioning my feelings.
I'm 23 and never had a boyfriend. This was the first real date I've been on so maybe my serious lack of experience is making me doubt things?

I don't know how this dating thing works. Is it common for there to be uncertainty after the first date? Is there always a "spark"?



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  • Your fine, You really have to play it by ear. He most likely interested in you. I would not invest too much emotions into it yet. All you really need to do is enjoy your self and everything else will take its course. He could lose interest at some point , but you really don't know until you have dated a few times. From my dating experience, it either their is a connection for a while or not at the beginning. I would not go crazy over the guy yet you could find out that something about him ruins the connection. I did not have a true girlfriend until after a month of dating her than the honeymoon phase of dating was over. After that the begining of the relationship start, you will start to see if this is a ideal guy for you. However, You are young! enjoy your 20's and don't worry that you need a relationship right away!


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  • Don't stress out so much, go with the flow. :) good luck.

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