TEXTING: what kind of texts do you send? how often do you text? what kind of texts annoy or turn you off? and do you use text to play games?

we get so many "what did s/he mean by this text" questions I thought it would be interesting for people to just say what they do and don't like about texting.


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  • I wrote a take about it, but basically I text how I talk. If you see my texts, it's exactly how I would have said it to you if I was face to face with you, minus the "lols." I also don't play texting games because they're stupid.

  • I rarely text. When I do it's short & to the point.

    • I'm like that sometimes. when I'm really bored I send way too many silly texts, but luckily I now know who I can away with doing so. haha

  • I don't like if a guy takes hours or days to respond it makes me worry like crazy.
    I dislike very short formal sentences.
    All these things make him look like not interested.

    • do you tell them it upsets you when they take forever to respond?

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    • he's not interested. move on.

    • Thank you for your help ! :)