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I met this guy recently at a cousins wedding and I've met him 2 years ago. We talked briefly back then and briefly at the wedding. He kissed me at the wedding and I stopped him there to find out what's on his mind. I made it clear to him that I'm looking for a serious relationship and he said he was too but he barely knows me. I told him that he could get to know me better. But he lives half way across the world and long distance is not something he was interested in at that moment. The next day he messaged me and told me that he wanted to try even though the distance is annoying. He mentioned that he would come visit me soon. We have been messaging here and there and 2 days ago he suggested we Skype. I told him that I was free this weekend and he said that Sunday would work for him. I told him great! Let me know what time works for you (since he is 10hours ahead). I haven't heard back from him at all this weekend (Its Monday today). I don't know what's going on in his head. Is he interested or not? Should I message him?



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  • I think it's a lost cause.. half way around the world... Wants to Skype but stands you up already? He'll probably want the Skype to turn sexual by the 2 or 3 one.


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