Girls, There is this girl I kinda like but?

She is in my Pre-calculus class and she is really attractive to me. She's smart (probably too smart for me) beautiful, and she's quiet, which i like in girls. I always try to kind of glance at her in class and she will always end up making eye contact with me, and it happens A lot! I swear she's so cute and whenever we make eye contact i get nervous and look away. I've only interacted with her once or twice and that was when we were taking a pre-test while sitting next to each other, i said a joke and she laughed, we also ended up getting the same score on the test. We can never hold eye contact for more than a second =/

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  • I don't see why you wouldn't have a chance with her. She might be just as nervous and shy as you are. Make friends with her and slowly flirt with her. Don't doubt yourself either

  • I believe that every guy has a chance with a girl tbh. Just be kind and respectful towards her and she'll notice you more than just a classmate. Maybe go and talk to her during class or suggest to study with her since the both of you seem to always get the same score average aha

    • lol it was only a one time thing, overall her grades are a lot better than mine haha, but i get the point

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