She says that she really likes me, but is scared that her ex will come back and then she will leave me for him?

So i am starting to get serious with a girl, i know she likes me (we have got intimate) but she says that she doesn't know wheter she would want to get serious with me, because she is scared that her ex will go back and she will leave me for him.

She already did that with a guy she dated for two months before me. She also told me that she dated her ex for 5 years before the last guy and me. Also she tells me that her ex wants to keep contact with her, but according to her, he is dating another girl right now and says that he probably won't go back with her.

How should i handle this situation?


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  • If she has already told you that she would leave you for her ex, the she is not worth it and she views you as a second choice. Do you really want to be with someone who considers you a 2nd choice?


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  • Pull the plug and find someone worthy. Keep her around to bang until
    a more together woman comes along. She's way too flaky. And it shows.