When people have been single as long as I have?

Could it be possible that I'm not meant to be in a relationship and that I'm meant to achieve other things in life. I think about this a lot cause most people know either have a girlfriend and kids or married. While I'm still single because most things happen to people if its meant to fall in place


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  • I've started to have the same mindset. I guess it seems like it happens that way. Like when people say do things you love you will meet someone who loves what you do. Its a strong possibility

    • Yeah it just makes me wonder if I'm chasing something that's not meant for me and i should be focusing my energy elsewhere

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    • well the girl you are chasing does she make you happy? like why hasn't things progressed for you two if you don't mind me asking?

    • I'm not chasing a certain girl its just a situation where I'm 24 and wanting a girlfriend i mature beyond my age i have seen some situations in life some may never see, and i feel i can properly care for and love a girl

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