Guys, do you initiate contact after a first date if you're interested in the girl?

Ok so i went on a date just under a week ago, he seemed interested and really nice and was making comments that would insinuate us seeing eachother again. When he dropped me off he kissed me and said he would talk to me soon. He also texted me about an hour after and was sending x's at the end of his messages. But i haven't heard from him since then.
So what im asking is if you ask a girl on a date, plan it, pick her up, pay for everything etc. would you then expect her to initiate the next conversation/date or would you just keep making the effort because you liked her?
Have never really gone on a date with someone i wasn't already going out with so any advice is appreciated, from girls too! :) I also hate messaging guys first because im a shy person and im scared to message him incase he isn't interested


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  • Normally the guy would call within a few days if he's still interested, but that's just been my social experience. Not sure if it's any different today with the younger crowd.


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  • It depends on the guy. Maybe he's expecting you to contact him.

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