How do I get him to introduce me to his brother?

So there's this guy name Joel I sent him a friend request on facebook which be approved. I first sent him a message making an excuse to talk to him. The thing is he has a younger brother that im interested in. But I don't want to make it obvious then ruin things. I want to know if there's any possible way he might introduce me to his brother without me asking?


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  • This is a great way to ruin a relationship between two brothers because this Joel guy is bound to get jealous. Unless he's way older or taken or something. Either way, just him if they're attending any social activity or something.

    • Well Joel is older and I think he has a daughter already. But I really want his younger brother to notice me. I doubt Joel will get jealous he's much older and has a daughter I believe.

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    • ... well... bummer

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