How do I get a guy I keep bumping into, to talk to me?

There is this guy who I always see out and about and he always stares at me but when I look at him and catch him looking he quickly turns away. My friends say they always catch him looking too, but he just acts like he isn't looking. He is always with a big group of friends and I discovered his Instagram page and saw that he is a Scorpio (don't know if that means anything). I know he's single and I like him, he seems interested but I don't know how I should get him to come and talk to me. I dont wanna do the approaching. Pls help? Am I wrong? Could he just be looking? He's quite good looking and my friends say they always see girls looking at him but he doesn't seem to look back. They say he does watch me though. Any ideas guys and girls?


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  • Try smiling at him while having good eye contact with him. This lets him know that its okay to stare at you and will give him more confidence to approach. Better still you can wave at him or gesture something. Flirt a little by flicking you hair your or something. Just try and make him feel more comfortable approaching. The reason he hasn't approached yet is probably bc he is afraid of rejection. So give him reasons to think that it is okay to approach you and give him an indication that you want him to approach.

    • Ok thanks, yes you are right. I will smile and be more flirty. Haha

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  • Drop him a note or approach him with a friend and ask if he'd like to go to an event or see a movie sometime with you or as a group and take it from there.