Why does she continue contacting me?

I got rejected by this girl I met in college that I was really fond of. Anyways, I was moving to another college and told her I couldn't see her anymore because I wanted to be more than friends. She gave the whole if you told me sooner it would be different and suggested we start off as friend first. I declined the offer and initiated no contact A week or two into school I kept thinking how I screwed up with her because she originally did have interest in me. I archived some text messages and wanted to read over them when all of a sudden she messages me asking how the new school is and how I am. We had a short convo where again I stated I still want to be more than friends with her and she kind of got angry not getting why I can't take friends for now. I stood my ground and told her to contact me when she makes up her mind. I reinitiated the no contact, now deleting her off every aspect of my life Yesterday I downloaded an app to recover old deleted SMS messages. I wanted to reread or old conversations for whatever reason. All of a sudden I get a text message from someone, its her. After a month and a half. The conversation goes like this; Her: Hellooooo stranger Me: Hey Her: What's up Her: Hows school? Me: Good! Her: Do you miss (insert college name here) Me: I missed a few things about (insert college name here), but I got over them The two times she messaged me are the two times I wanted to bring back the SMS messages. I don't know what to make of this. She rejected me, I rejected her 'friends first'. Why does she continue to ask me how I'm doing, like why doesn't she just let me continue on with my life?


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  • she loves you