Am I wasting my time on dating apps? I can't seem to get a date?

So i joined a dating app in hopes of getting some dates out of it and hopefuly some potential dating partners.

After maybe a month i started to get impatient because i had'nt met anyone yet, but i asked around and did som reacsearch and it seems like a lots of people met their boyfriend/girlfriend on a dating app it just took a while.

I decided to stay on it and be patiente, but 5-6 months had passed and no date at all.

I come across guys only looking for hook ups, which i do expect, but at least i know it straight away and no one is wasting their time. But i had long conversations with guys for up to 2 weeks and still didn't get any date. And i talked to one guy, everything seems to go great, i even aksed him out (and he said yes) and even then nothing happened.

Am i wasting time on that app? I joined the app in the first place because i rarely met guys, and the times i didn't i was never interested (partly because we just met that one time). So a part of me wants to still be on it, but i can't help but feel like im naive for thinking i will find an attractive and nice guy who wants to go out.


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  • I've been on dating sites for over a year and only had 4 dates. 2 of those were amazing so thats why I'm still (only just) on them. Lets put it this way, they're better than real life if that isn't working. It's another option.

    • So you think I should still stick around? I was leaning towards doing so, but then a guy, who seemed very sweet, decided to send me a pic of himself in his underwear to show me that he enjoys working out... now I dont know anymore lol

  • Try OKCupid. I think its free but I'm not sure.

    • I have tried It, very few in my area who uses it

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    • Norwegian girls are in demand internationally. Your English is great by the way. As an American I have been very impressed by the quality of your people and your educational system.

    • It makes me want to emigrate.

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  • um! Stop beging so needy. Stop worry about boyfriend. Your young! Be happy you have your health! Now for the boys what can I say? I don't know because i don't know you. Maybe try another website!

    • You think im needy? And im trying, belive me! And I guess I need to try more on ither sites