What are some endearing character traits?

I am a creative writer in college and am working on a fictitious story right now. I'm trying to create my main characters and I want the girl to be a bit unique so my question for you is:

What character traits have you come across in friends/family/partners that have been endearing to you? What are some strange quirks that they have that you love?


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  • Well what kind of overall personality are you going for? I had a girlfriend with a bit of a dark personality. But it was still very cute. One day she told me not to get her flowers "I hate flowers, im allergic to them because their weird"

    I remember she wanted a puppy so bad and she was so happy when she got it. She used to go "my child!" lol she used to dye her her every couple of months because she got bored. But it usually looked pretty good. She also changed outfits multiple times a day

    I know this one girl who when something good or convenient happens, she says" that's so amazon prime" kinda funny. She is definitely unsure of herself deep down. But the average person would never tell because once she knows someone is not gonna bite, she's very out going.

    Another girl I know is very sarcastic. She tries to do her hair mature but always kinda looks younger than she is. She's 23 but looks 19. She has a lot of pendants on her backpack hunger games emblems. She reads. She talks, a set of words at a tiiime, and sl0ws down at the end of every set of wooords, by hanging on the voweel like thiiisss. She can be standoffish but she doesn't mean it. A reality very refined person, but she still likes her kraft mac&cheese. She's sure of herself but only because she's dumb enough to think that now that college is over she's seen the worst. She probably doesn't realize that's her mentality.

    I knew this one girl who's father died when she was a kid. She ended up living in a drug house. She's a very happy person to be around with but I think she's very depressed. Probably feels like she let herself and her father down by being a failure. She switches between embracing who she is becoming and trying to be the girl she would have been had she had a father to stop her life from falling apart.

    Lmk what u think i know so many. I write too. I like to make character profiles


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