Online dating strategies? What has worked for you?

I feel like I keep attracting dudes who only want sex, regardless of whether I meet them in person or online. I don't dress in skimpy clothes and I make it clear that I don't want to just hookup but they still try to change my mind and it's annoying. Either that, or they just want nudes. I can't completely control in person but do you think if I use less flattering pictures on Match that would work? I know guys want sex, but I just want to meet one that wants more as well.


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  • No, don't use less flattering pictures.

    Guys who want to date are a -subset- of guys who find you attractive enough to hook up with.

    The more guys want to sleep with you, the more guys want to date you to, for the most part.

    there's no way to attract only relationship guys, not hook up guys.

    Just stop wasting time talking to guys who want to hookup or want nudes. In fact i wouldnt' waste a lot of time talking to guys who dont' want to go on an actual date at all.

    • That's the thing. They'll take me on a date or two then the texts start getting sexual and they start sending and asking for pics and then when I don't comply, they either disappear or say they don't want to talk anymore. It's so frustrating!

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    • Right. I expect that they'll try something. But these dudes expect me to hop into bed with them by date 3 and when I don't, then they disappear. How do I weed out dudes like that?

    • It seems like they're weeding themselves out.

      Unless you're wondering how you avoid date 2 with a guy who is going to move on if you're not getting physical by date 3/4. That may be possible, but not without weeding a lot of other guys at the same time.

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  • Maybe don't use your face at all. Let them get to know you without a face!