Does this guy like me and how do I ask him for his number?

There's this guy that I think might like me but I am not sure. Him and I always hug each other (over 10 times now. He initates the hugs the most and I do sometimes too.) and I have caught him staring at me more than once and I stare back and we look at each other for a while. I kind of think he is shy because he looks nervous around me and his voice gets deeper and he freezes up whenever he sees me. I'm shy too and I've never been in a relationship before.

Does that mean he likes me since he gets nervous? Sometimes he would even run away when he'd see me and other times he would act normal. Whenever I try to talk to him he seems like he's not interested like he wants to walk away but when we hug it feels like he wants to talk but just can't.

I dont know know what to do anymore. I don't want to seem like I'm badgering him. Cause I feel like if he is inexperienced/shy he would still ask me out eventually. But I don't know what to believe anymore. I don't get how he was so confident when he first met me but now he's being all different and he only speaks to me comfortably when my friends are around but he'll mainly talk to me.

Anyway, I wanted to ask him for his number. How would I do that without being creepy? I figure if we text each other, he'd be more open to me since I do feel like we have chemistry and everything.


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  • Give him your number and ask him to text you.

    It gives him the option (he'll text), and that eliminates any 'creepy' factor.

  • Do you hangout and do stuff if no, asked for his number or give him yours and be like hey lets go see this movie, this convention, (insert activity here) some low key, fun and no pressure.

    • Nope. We never get to hang out. He always says he's busy with his school work when I say we don't see each other around much. But I think I am gonna ask him for his number. We've been doing this on and off non-verbal communication thing for months now.

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