Why isn't my girlfriend initiating text or call?

My new girlfriend of 2 months is different. We spend fri sat and Sunday's together lots of laugh sex conversation we go to church or road trips. During the week we text or call. Last week I notice during the week I don't hear from her or she replies late I know it is because of work but she doesn't reply during her lunch... I asked her Thursday and it turned into a heated discussion her telling me I'm insecure and we are good I just need to trust her and she ended up trying to break up with me...

We we talked it out and she thanked me for talking it out and she wanted to continue in a relationship with me and we spent the whole weekend together lots of sex etc... She told me she is all mine and if we work out in a year we can move in together.

well all day yesterday and so far today no contact and I refuse to contact her since she started a break up just because I was concern of why she reply to my text 6 hours later... Is she changing her mind? If I don't hear anything I'm going to just move on instead of calling her


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  • Awe, I'm sorry to hear this :(

    It sounds like you two have very different expectations on communication. You sounds a lot like me. You like to talk to your SO as much as possible, you like to know the little things that go on during her day and what she is up to. It's not a clingy thing, it's just because you are interested in her and you really like her a lot.

    It's possible she has changed her mind, but it's also possible she is just busy. Maybe she feels you are too clingy.

    The best thing to do is talk to her about it. But in the meantime, relax! It's okay if she takes a while to get back to you. It's quite possible she is busy at work.

    Go and work on one of your hobbies or chat with a friend to kill some time. Even watching a video on youtube can help kill some time. Maybe allowing her some space she will be open to spending more time talking with her.

    • Yes I left Monday morning good bye kiss etc she was just saying how she loves our connection ask would I move in with her outside of marriage if we work out I mean that's pretty deep and a woman would never bring that up this early. She re assured me it's just me and her and ask that I trust her she is only focusing on her work during the week and after relax or hang w her girl friend or studying for her medical license. I really hope this is the case and I'm just giving her space. I pray she isn't seeing another man. We both communicated that we are official and she shows a little jealousy when it comes to another girl so I know she cares

    • Well still no contact from her this sucks I want to call but I can't. I think she changed her mind.

  • This girl is way too wishy washy. It seems like you have to keep convincing her to stay with you and why you're worthy, which is unfair to you. She should want to be with you automatically without having to chase her down and have these "talks". I say you should let her go, because its clear she doesn't know what she wants and she's stringing you along in the process.

    • I started questioning her w the distance on text etc bc we found a watch at her place and it ended up being her exs then one day she was washing my clothes and them told me if I so happen to find men shorts or so it's her gay guy friends bc he came by to go swimming a few times and I said to her is she sure they are his hence the watch situation so w her being distant during the week I called her out on it saying it's possible she still seeing her ex so she tried to break up with me... We talked it out I didn't beg.

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    • I don't know were not broken up but it still doesn't feel right anymore I dontclike how I call her baby and stuff on text and she replies to me like I'm a friend.

    • She seems to be uninterested. You should bring this up too her; there is a lack of passion and affection in our relationship and it doesn't feel the same anymore.

      And please forgive me if i'm assuming. haha

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