Got rejected. What do I do?

I was in Chipotle the other day, (If you don't know what this is, I won't explain. Do your own research please.) and there's this worker there I've been fancying for awhile. I get employees at places have to be enthusiastic with customers, but she's usually more relaxed.. I only bring this up because I noticed with her she's usually really smiley with me. Like she recognizes me and obviously has payed attention to me. I asked for her number and she basically said she couldn't because of her boyfriend. I get this could either be her lying about a boyfriend and letting me down easily or she genuinely does have a boyfriend and likes him very much. I get that. The real question i have is, what can I do for this situation? I go into this places quite frequently and I'm not trying to have it awkward between me and her. What should I do? Should I act casual or just be more indifferent?


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  • Just act normal. She clearly enjoys you as a regular customer, and I'm sure she was flattered by your pass at her.


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