Guys, I've been dating my boyfriend for a year now and he still hasn't introduce my to his friends and he won't put pics of me up? why?

I only know his family and every time I ask he says so that people don't get in our buisness and so his friends don't try to hit me up some random stuff that doesn't make sense to me. It gets me sad cause I love him and he always says how much he loves me but I'm just confused. He also says he doesn't want his past ex too get in our buisness and stalk our stuff but I don't know what to think anymore. Please help me it just makes me so sad I feel kinda like his secret girlfriend.


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  • I am sorry to hear this. Its like he's embarrassed to show you off to his friends. You should try setting a night out with his friends. Dose he go out with his friends and leave you home?

    • Yeahh I mean he doesn't go out to much and we live separate so we only see each other maybe 2 times a week with school and work but I have never met his friends and not to sound conceited cause I'm not like that I swear but I've always heard I'm a pretty girl and I'm kind maybe a little geeky he's kinda like those guido guys I've never dated before... but you really think he's embarrassed of me? I mean he takes me out in his town all the time just never to his friends and I don't know he says he's shown pics of me to them but doesn't post them online and I don't know what to think I just don't want to be crying about this kinda stuff when he's suppose to be my boyfriend.

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    • Thank you so much your a good guy :)

    • Thanks i try to help out. Update what happen!

  • Umm your not his girlfriend you are his side chick. If u haven't met the friends yet your the side chick. And he doesn't want to show u off

    • Your right mannnn I'm an idiot.