Do you feel like you look different in the mirror versus pictures?

Okay... so I'm fairly self conscious about the way I look and am so used to how I look in the mirror that when a picture gets taken of me I freak out thinking about how ugly I look. Although I don't think I'm ugly in the mirror I just think that in pictures I'm so ugly and feel like that's how people see me in real life. I know that mirrors reverse my face so when I see a picture of myself my face just doesn't look symmetrical and I can't help but notice it and hate myself for it. Anyways, whenever I online date I'm terrified that I won't look the same in person as I do in pictures because I always flip my pictures so that my face looks normal to me. Is it possible that this is just in my head and I don't actually look that different?


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  • yeah i do. i feel like i look better in the mirror generally. how i look in photos depends on the angle and the day lol

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