My sort of "ex" talked shit about me to my friend? is he still into me if he finds my actions as "horrible and childish"? the fact that...(continued?

... he even bothers and talks about me to my best friend is weird. he told her that he hates the fact that i'm so childish? the thing is i didn't greet him at a club a few times, but thats just because he acts all cocky around his friends and wears this stupid smirk which i hate! he also told her that i looked really sexy last weekend and that he had a hard time keeping his distance. though today i texted him and said that i've heard about the convo and i explained myself that I didn't want to act childish, its just that i didn't know how to act exactly and he replied that with time and experience i'll learn and thats it? then i said that i just wanted to be clear and if there's anything he wants to tell me that he should tell me and not my friend and he was like "we talked about other things too u know. i have nothing to say :D " what is his deal? is/was he just bothered that i ignored him? its obvious that he still likes me! oh and by the way he also told her that he wants nothing to do with me because of the way im acting.. he wants someone who is "chill"? and you know that might be true but i just really dont see why is he soo bothered then? so bothered that he talk about this to my friend?


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  • he is just an asshole move on


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