Guys, if you're talking to a girl but you've never been on an official date with her do you care if she's talking to other guys too?

i've been talking to this one guy for a couple months, we hang out sometimes, we flirt, but we've never been on an official date. So is it okay if some other guy texted me and wanted to hang out for me to go hangout with him and possibly do a little more? We have never talked about a relationship or not talking to other people, its just a fun flirt friendship right now. would it bother you though if you were the guy in that situation? Should i tell him about it?


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  • yes. that to a man is a sign of competition and possibly a sign that he isn't worthy of your affection. Men are in general very sexual and emotional people believe it or not and we take it to heart if the woman we like is talking to other men. yes there is no obligation not to talk to other Men but it hurts our moral and feelings.