Why do some many young guys act like they have no options and over protective of girls they know?

i don't get these young guys i see at the bar or around town , they act like they have no dating options and insanely over protective of the girls they allready know even if there just friends with them. at that age the options are endless and have to be hundreds of girls in this area they could date and meet yet they act as if there never going to be capable of meeting someone new. i don't get it personally , its not that hard to meet people when your young and everyone is still single and goes out every weekend


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  • they are just too shy to ask a girl out i think

    • no some of these guys have girls they know and talk to , they act like they are the only girls they are ever going to meet is more what I meant , like they are never going to be able to date anyone else

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    • yeah that's possible but they act like there is no one else to date when clearly there is , are they uncapable of meeting another young women

    • Maybe they are just not interested

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