If your heart is with one girl can you still sleep around?

Guys, when there's a girl you're crazy about, but aren't with her yet, how easy is it for you to have casual sex? I mean when you're single and having fun I know it's easy, but when you're mind is totally on someone you're about to ask out - does it make it more difficult to concentrate on being with someone else? (because you want her so much and you know you're so close to having her)


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  • If you've given your heart away to a girl. That wouldn't be a question. You'd never do anything with another girl if you believe someone else is the one for you. You wouldn't have casual sex when there's a chance of having that special connection with someone when its more than just sex. If your close to having her and you love her, other girls won't even cross your mind because there is nobody in the world that could compare to her. Except when that happens it really hurts when she says no.


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  • Reality being what it is, these happy endings dont' turn out much at all. If I am not with a woman whom I have my heart set upon(never ever happened for me), then anything is fair game until her and I are committed. To press my point aobut reality even further, usually there is a reason why her and I are not together in the first place. p out of 10 times, the women I give 5 stars is not interested in me to begin with. For some ungodly reason, I love classy women but many times, they don't think I am good enough for them.

    Now is this situation, casual sex and sex-flings can be easity disengaged. Afterall, you only having sex and have made it clear that this relationship is temporary. Both sides understand this, or they should. As a man, we can easily do this.or most of us can.

  • Is very easy to have casual sex, specially if you find a girl that just wants to hook up. Matter of fact, I'll even say that if you're chasing somebody you really like, and you're not with them yet, then as a guy you think, hell, better rack up some extra mileage before I get confined with one girl. :P

    • Ok so what if you find ouy she's been having casual sex herself? like with a f*** buddy for instance? How do you feel about that?

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    • So, if you are having casual sex with someone else (or many others, lol), it doesn't mean that you want her less?

    • Remember that guys don't put emotions like girls do into casual sex; the sex is just to release the horniness out of the system, and also, to get that 'desperate look' out of the way...of course varies on guys, but at least for me, casual sex is just that; casual sex and I'm only interested in teh vagina of that girl

  • dude. go for the last hurrah

    make sure she does not find out though

  • Its simple. I've been chasing this girl for a while and we click but we aren't boyfriend/girlfriend because we go to colleges far from each other and both work in different parts of the state during the summer. I could picture spending my life with her and I do think about her all the time. However, during the year, I still date other girls and have sex, etc. Just because one person is a huge blip on my radar doesn't mean it'll always work out. Until we both decide to be exclusive with each other, everyone else is fair game and I am still single.

    nothing is certain until after the fact.

    • Same Qn above - How would you feel if you found out in the meantime she had been having casual sex herself? Does it turn you off or do you not really care because she's not "yours" yet?

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