What's a better technique for approaching a girl?

Start off with small talk every time you see her and gradually progress to asking her on a date (I personally prefer this one) I guess a con could be you getting seen as just a friend if you don't do this right.
The other is being upfront and complimenting her and pretty much letting her know right from the start that you're trying to get her. (Some people even get the number on the first approach by doing this) A con could be her getting comepltely turned off
What are some ways that have worked for you? I'd also love females to share their opinions on this. I was talking to a girl about this today and she said she prefers the first one (small talk), she says asking for her number on first approach turns her off.


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  • Id prefer the small talk and getting to know eachother but maybe a little more to show that you're interested cus otherwise I could think you weren't , so maybe just inbetween. Some small talk and throw a compliment in there or flirting but nothing sexual or to intense


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