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I have a friend. She's 18 years old (turning 19 this year) and is dating a guy who just have turned 24 years old. Because she's still in her senior year of school and her boyfriend's older age, her parents do not approve of her dating this guy only because of his age. They've only seen each other in person (they met online) a few times in their 6 months of dating due to busy schedules (School M-F.. church, and living 1 hr apart) but they have videochatted every day for that whole time. she's seen the good in him.. and his flaws, they know pretty much everything about each other. She has always had a good head on her shoulder, is cauctious , and a good character judger... and she trusts him. She's in love and she wants to move in with him this July, is this wrong?

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  • She's making a mistake. I wouldn't put that much faith in someone you've only really talked to online because it's much easier to pretend to be someone you aren't when you're just texting and video chatting

    • True but what if she's seen the messy sides of him just like any girlfriend sees in her boyfriendand and vice versa for her boyfriend... And they have met several times and he was exactly who he said he was in every aspect. Is it still wrong?

    • I think so because meeting in person a few times isn't enough to actually get to know someone. Also, most people are older and in a very serious relationship for a couple of years before they move in together so I think doing that right after she finishes HS isn't a good decision

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