Guys, would you keep calling and going out with a girl but do this?

I was seeing someone for months -- very happy going out 1 or 2 times a week and hearing from him every night. After 9 months he "restricted" me on facebook and started "locking" all his social media but would still call every night and take me out.

He never really had very sexy things on there, but when I asked him about it he shrugged it off, that it was all boring stuff and had nothing to do with "us," that he was taking a break from the social media stuff.

I felt it was a cover up for something else. I've taken breaks from media too, but would never think to restrict him from my stuff since we're going out for such a long time.

He says I'm being silly and points out that we're having such a nice time. I don't know. I have a feeling he's getting ready to dump me, though he didn't mention it. It's a pretty nasty mind game in my opinion.

Would you do this sort of thing to a girl?


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