Is this something with hope?

I told him I was going to see someone else and he still wanted to hang out with me. And said he would respect that he still asked if I would meet him at the club with his friends and we danced. And he invited me to his place to hang out and have dinner and beers. I was feeling things for him and he told me look I promised I would respect you if you are going to date someone. I like hanging out with you and I want that to work for you if it makes you happy. I told him I still haven't officially dated the new guy. And I like being with him was questioning what I wanted to do. Then he let me cook with him and we flirted a bit and then I told him I really did want to sleep with him he was like are you sure I was like "absolutely I love how I feel with you. " and then we kept hanging out as usual with his friends and we ended up sleeping together cuddling. I said "I love you" he said it back a few times and in the morning we talked about expectations and what we could give each other for now. He warned me he doesn't really text and call people he prefers to talk in person when he has time. With construction he has to work with his hands and work fast and can't text. And he goes home makes dinner and does it all again and he doesn't share his visits with his baby she is his world. But he always includes me when he has his time with friends and makes half of it for me. And he talked to me a bunch about his baby and family. His mom. I was thinking maybe he and I have potential. He really cares about me.


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  • i dont think he really cares about u


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