Girls, Would you let your boyfriend be tutored by his ex in an academic subject?

How would you feel if your boyfriend was bad at calculus and his ex was his tutor assigned by the university tutoring center? My girlfriend yelled at me when she saw my ex tutoring me in calculus. My ex had an A in math, was in a sorority, had a part time job, and was dating me.

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I thought academics and school came first. Don't they?


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  • It's not up to me to "let" him. However, I would definitely prefer that he find a different tutor. There are lots of tutors out there; I would find it suspicious and disrespectful if he insisted on being tutored by an ex.

    • Yes, academics are important. But that's not an excuse to choose your ex as a tutor. There are tons of other options out there.

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  • lol. no. he can find a different tutor.

    • I thought academics and school came first

    • sure. but your uni probably has 39482304 tutors who can help you out. seems suspect that of ALLLL the people who could tutor you, you end up with your ex.

  • Yes, but only because it's not up to me. However, I would appreciate it if my boyfriend cared about me enough to get a different tutor.

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