Is there any muslim girl here, what do you think about relationships?

I mean according to Islam dating and having a girlfriend is a bad sin, I'm just curious if you're a muslim girl have you ever had a relationship someone. What do you think about relationships. How do you think men should approach you or show respect to you. What kind of guys do you get attracted to?


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  • Hello!
    I'm a Muslim girl.
    And I'm going to say it.
    Dating is forbidden in the religion.
    Dating in the sense where guys and girls go out alone, are alone in anyway.
    Not allowed to be physical at all with the opposite gender. Can't hug or cuddle, nothing.
    You are only allowed to seek someone if it is for marriage and you can't be alone with the guy. You have to have a male family member with you present.

    I didn't start talking to boys until my second semester of college.
    I use to be somewhat strict on these rules but I realized that in the end I will regret that I didn't get a chance to explore.
    So as "bad" as it is; I talk to guys. I see guys I'm interested in and I talk to them.
    I never dated though and never had a boyfriend. Never cuddled, never kissed, never held hands. Nothing.
    It's because I grew up with such strict morals it stuck to me.
    And part of it is because I feel like I'm giving away my "husband's right' (like someone I'm going to marry in the future).
    Honestly; my parents are super chill and don't mind me seeking a guy except for the fact he has to be Muslim and we have to consider marriage.
    Problem is most guys I liked were not Muslim. And it kills me. Muslim girls cannot marry or be with non-Muslim guys.
    I like white men and the majority of white men are not Muslim.
    Hahahaha yup. I'd stay single.

    • Hmm thank you for the long answer. You see I'm in the same point now whether deciding to explore or just let life happen. I'm muslim and just like you I believe in the same thing. I never had a girlfriedn or cuddled held hands with a girl. And I'm totally in aware of that situation where if a guy and girl is alone the third person is the iblis. That's why someones else has to be present.

      The thing with me is I'm so lonely my parents live overseas, I don't have friends and I'm somewhat a shy and a quiet person. I want to changed this because I have to be mature and be able to talk where I'm supposed too. Anyways, I'm out there exploring and all the girls that get my attention are the ones that aren't muslim, I don't even know any muslim girl at all due to my surrounding. I'm a white muslim and no bodies assumes that I'm a muslim but everytime I eat or try to become social it just ends when there is a party or drinking. The thing is I'm so lonely that I want to have a relationship...

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    • Hello.
      I suggest that instead of seeking a romantic partner or being around people who are relatively doing "haram" stuff to focus on getting your education done.
      Like I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through.
      What I did was I got myself more involved with school. I joined student government (before not part of it anymore). I'm part of 3 clubs. I make sure to get straight A's. I have a lot of friends. I talk to everyone around me. Don't be afraid to talk to people.
      As for the Muslim girl; yeah talk to her; but don't just automatically pursue her for marriage. It'll freak her out. Just become her friend.
      I understand it can be lonley and hard but in'sha'Allah you'll make it through. Just focus on being around good people. Your surroundings is what shales you.
      Try to find a Masjid that is near you too and go for jummah prayer or something. It'll help.

    • Hello.
      The things is I'm a bit emotional guy its just my character that's why I always seeks a romantic relation even if I marry like in a arrange marriage I'll still be able to be connected romantically. I always try to stay away from people that are doing haram and mostly that's everybody cause I don't have many Muslim friends around me. I know I should work on being at good and also becoming a better personality by doing good things. I'm not afraid I'm just shy at first which goes away as the more i talk with that person. The thing is there isn't a Muslim girl. I don't hang around girl that much, what can I do to find Muslim girls around me. I go to jummah prayer every time at school but that's just for my religion I just want to find that partner and make my religion go stronger.

  • I'm muslim and will tell you that sex before marriage is just a major sin and a muslim girl is allowed to get married from any race on one condition that her partner is already muslim or is willing to convert for the sake of believing and not coz hecwants the girl.
    You don't need to marry right away you can "date" but she will probably only have coffee with you and you can get to know each other by talking.

    • You also need a third person present when you go on a "date" to drink coffee and talk. I'm a Muslim I know all the rules within the religion but I don't know how to approach a Muslim girl or any other girl. I don't even know a Muslim girl in my life that I have been friends with. I just want to know if you were interested in a Muslim guy how would you let him approach you. Would it be in a friendly manner or something else. I know its a little bit weird but our religion has become so strict that a Muslim guy and girl can't even talk maturely. That's why most Muslim men loose themselves falling in "love" with a non Muslim girl and the Muslim girls go into a torture of being interested more in non Muslim guys. I think we as Muslim are making it hard to communicated which can be seen through the religion of how every race is far apart from each other. But religion is the thing that should bond us together. I just don't get how Arabs Turks or other races have become so far apart.

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    • the user below me wanderingheartbeat seems interested? :) you can try
      I'm waaay to old for you sorry haha

    • no I'm serious I'm not here to find a muslim girl I just want to now how and where I can find them because there aren't many around me. Since you are older then its better you should have a better idea of this.

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