Do you believe in love?

I used to believe in love but tbh I don't think I do anymore. I've been hurt a lot of times to the point where I kinda just give up and I don't give up easily. I personally don't think I'd ever find the right guy or a guy who would actually love me for me and stuff. Like it just feels like a fake thing like a fairytale I 've just been too hurt to even think about it. What's your opinion, do you believe in love?


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  • I certainly do believe in love.
    I know how you feel, I've been there too. I've gotten hurt by guys several times in the past, with being cheated on by my ex as the cherry on top. After which I decided love was a sham, something people believed in thanks mostly to the media or being overly idealistic.

    Until I started hanging out with my current boyfriend, who showed me otherwise and definitely showed me that love does exist.

    Give it some time. You'll slowly but surely let go of most of the hurt, and before you know it love will catch you by surprise.


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  • I do believe in it, yes.


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  • Hahahahhahah.
    There is different kinds of love my dear.
    You've only mentioned one; between a man and a woman.
    Did you ever care to think of love between:
    Family members?
    A mother's love for their child?
    A fathers love for their kid?
    Grandparents love?
    Love for life?
    Love for God?
    Love of friends?
    Love of pets?
    Love of animals?
    Love of nature?
    Love of self?
    Love of books?
    Love for food?
    Love for a certain hobby?
    Love for helping others?
    Love for laughing?
    Love for being yourself?
    Love doesn't always have to be a romantic one my friend. Love does exist. And it is a very powerful force.
    According to some scriptures the reason why we were created was because of love.
    Stop focusing on that sexual, lustful, romantic kind and focus on different parts of love.

  • I do believe in love, but love never comes with a guarantee. No one can promise to never hurt you or love you forever. People change and their feelings change , so in time they just grow apart.

    People are only loyal to their own needs but once their needs change , then so do their loyalties... so "you " cease to be their priority. When you meet someone you have to just live in the "moment" . Don't look back on failed relationships or look too far ahead into the future. Failed relationships are never a waste of time , because even though they didn't bring you what you did want.. they teach you what you don't want.

  • The everlasting myth? No, I don't.

  • Yes there is but loving someone can't be without pain.. when you love you put yourself out there you're vulnerable but you just have be with right person for you but nowadays people don't like to commit and be patient they change girlfriend and boyfriend more than they change their underwears xD

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