What do you think during the awkward silences on date?

When you go on a date and if an awkward silence befalls upon you, what goes on in your mind?


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  • Desperately trying to think of something to say/talk about.

    • Well I look around a lot haha and think desperately :P

    • If it looks like nothing is going to happen as in neither of us can think of something to say I'll just outright say in a humorous manner that I couldn't think of something interesting to say just to let them know I'm nervous cause chances are they're feeling awkward and nervous too and that can help break the awkwardness. ''

      Or if they never really were fond of me to begin with I look like a loser to them saying that but oh well.

    • I am very same. I just speak out how awkward things are, or how I am nervous. Haha.

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  • You lack connection and you were both extremely nervous.


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  • Uh nothing really just to keep smiling and keep the mood happy.

    • Well if only that was easy for me :P

    • Well for me i'm generally busy cooking so its normal at my place for a pause in conversation and awkward silence to butt in.

  • It sucks, but i usually am relaxed enough to move the conversation on.

    • Well good for you. Awkward silence + nervousness is a recipe for disaster

    • Thanks:) it helps to be slightly naive in conversation, like a playful childishness when you are just getting to know someone. Of course you want to throw that out the window when you begin to get into more serious talks but keeping it light with no thinking about how they judge you or you judging them is my favorite way of looking at it.

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