Girls asking guys out?

i haven't been asked out in over a year. Prior to that I was in a long term relationship where my ex pursued me hard. And my relationships prior to that pretty much started the same way. But once I broke up with my last boyfriend, it's been a desert. I've brought this up to various friends, and have heard various versions of "your pretty, that intimidates the guys." Now as flattering as that should be, 1) no. While I certainly have some good features and take care of myself, there's a reason I'm not a model. 2) I've had great relationships with guys that have asked me out, so unless they were the only 4 un-intimidated guys I've ever met, that's a lame reason. And 3) I had a crush on a blind friend, he didn't ask me out either.

So... Hoping *something* is not wrong with me, what's the deal on girls asking guys out? Do guys assume it's a hook up request? Or would they take me seriously? And do I pay? Pick them up? How does this work?


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  • Last time I looked it was the 21st century...

    Ask a guy out if you wish :)

  • You haven't been asked out in over a year oh my god that's so awful for you. How tragic.
    I haven't been asked out in 21 years of my 21 years of life. So take a ticket because you're at the back of the pity line.

    • I think I know why you haven't been asked out... Maybe you should get out of the pity line. I hear it sucks. And not the good kind of sucks.

    • You got me.

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