Is there something Wrong with me?

I already failed in two guys I dated lately. The first guy I had date with was an amazing, and he wants to have sex but then I didn't. But he was able to touch and kiss me in some parts but we never had intercourse because l said no. We had relationship with this guy but after 3 months I broke up with him because I found out he has girlfriend earlier than me.

I was heart broken with this first guy and it took me 6 months to date again. I dated a new guy and this time he is more good-looking than the first guy. He is very sweet like he would always text me everyday. One day, we went to mall, watch cinema, eat and watch concert. I learned that he was heart broken to his ex girlfriend too because of cheating. When we went to dark isle, i noticed him placing his arms around my waist and hips, he comes so closer behind my back and become so clingy. I overreacted and said don't touch me.. and then he stop... and day after that he become so distant to me and he no longer text me.. :(


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  • Next time dont have such a sudden reaction. He thinks it was a complete rejection. So just slide away or whatever and play hard to get or whatever but dont come out with something so blunt. Just calmly say you are not ready so he knows that you are not rejecting him but just aren't ready yet.


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