When is a guy supposed to play hard to get?

We all hear about women playing hard to get cause we have to chase them and stuff but when are we men supposed to play hard to get.

I've been txting this girl for 3 weeks since i got her number and she hasn't been able to hang out wit me because she has been "busy" so i decided to stop txting her a few times but the monent i say thats it she starts sending me msgs saying ok so we'll keep in touch so we can do hang out and do something then i keep txting her but we go back to the same thing. The moment i stop replying she texts me again. So i dont understand.


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  • if the guy plays hard to get then the woman thinks he is not interested and walks away.. sorry i have no time for silly games. She started messaging you because she realized that she was ignoring you and she tried to make up for it

  • The concept of playing hard to get is stupid for either gender. It's low-level mind games and only serves to bolster egos and self esteem.

    Be honest with your feelings. If you like her, let her know. Don't beat around the bush and make yourself seem unavailable, because that facade is hard to keep up if you actually manage to nab her.

  • playing hard to get? ... I think you're an option :) A reason why she doesn't get in touch as you text...


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