Why do girls trap guys into pregnancy?

Whenever a girl is desperate for a guy to stay with her or is starting to feel the relationship is ending, she tries to get pregnant to trap the guy! Or, she lies about being pregnant. I have heard from many guys how crazy these girls are. It's not going to work! If I was a guy, I wouldn't be having unprotected sex in the first place.

Why are these girls so crazy? And constantly think about commitment, marriage and kids? Which brings another topic. How stupid are girls to ask a guy "when will we get married" or "what will our baby be called" early in the relationship? I think these women are stupid airheads THAY don't even think about their future, money and career, becoming entirely dependent on the guy. These girls makes us WOMEN in general look bad!!!


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  • People in general can do crazy things to trap their ex's. It is what happens when people are abnormally lonely and can't stand letting someone leave them so they take whatever they can to trap the other person.

    With that said, my boyfriend is the one who brings up marriage and babies more than me. I don't think you should generalize one gender. It can go both ways but you're right about some women trapping men and it being wrong.


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  • haha have you been watching jerry springer again? lol

    • Not all people are like that. It depends on what you value you more.

    • Yes I do! But most guys I have dated have said that they had a crazy ex that tried to make them think they got them pregnant. I have dated girls, and of course, no one put the pregnancy bomb on me, haha.

    • oh rule number 1 when it comes to guys if they have a bad past or can't seem to shake it off move the fuck on. There are guys out there who don't dwell on their pass just like girls. (: Good luck and don't let get you down he was the wrong guy anyway. The right guy would know, love, and respect you.

  • There are lots of things that make men look bad, if someone judges and entire gender on the ones that are crazy then more fool them, not me.

    C'est la vie...

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