I understand he's abit busier now, wich means he doesn't have time to write me love paragraphs and send me cute things, I understand he has sexual needs and before at least we had a balance, now it like any free moment he gets he sexts me. But now on his off day, I was crying and crying the morin because he just isn't the same, he's not brutally rude, he's different. Bad different. And I was being rather cattish today and he asked if I'm ok so I said I'm fine I have to go bye, wich I NEVER EVER DO. I normally say "okay baby I love you bye, I'll talk later" but now I was weird so normally he'd say okay princess what's wrong you can tell me , or something like that. But now he's just like "ok babes" an it's his off day. So he has all the time in the world. Am I paranoid and sensitive or has he changed? We're in a long distance relationship, he's also 2 years older than I am.


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  • This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship to me. Being busy is not a excuse to neglect your partner. I work a full time job and while doing my honors degree and even I can find time for my boyfriend every time he wants. It's all about priorities. If he isn't treating you special and have stopped making you a priority (which it sounds like he did) then I'd ask myself if this whole relationship is worth it if he's already putting in the minimal.

    • Thanks , but I know that, and I understand it. But I don't think I could leave him, I've committed myself to him fully and I don't think that could change, thank you so much for your opinion though, also. Speaking of wich, have any ways I could try and make this work?