Girls, To go down or be gone down on?

Ok one for the girls only (sorry dudes). Say you're on a 1st or 2nd date and you really like each other and end up back at your pad, would you prefer a guy go down on you? or would you prefer to go down on him? .. and why?

  • I'd like him to go down on me
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  • I'd prefer to go down on him
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  • If I had to decide, I'd rather go down on him. I know it may seem weird but I only let just a few men going down on me, and it usually happens after a couple of months or so.

    • Why is that? I've always wondered. Like I've offered and girls say no. Not all but quite a few.

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    • I tend to put his enjoyment before my own as well. You asked me why I won't let a guy go down on me and I answered that. If you asked me why I would go down on a guy I'd answer you that I enjoy knowing I'm pleasing someone and I really like going down on men. I also feel like they're sort of under my thumb in those moments :)

    • Haha, so you sorta like having them under your control? ;)

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  • oh god, really? i enjoy both, and that's like making a mother choose which child is her favourite... but i voted a, just because my man has mad tongue skills. lol.

    • From the poll so far looks like it is head to head ;) lol. I was going to put "both" down as a option, but really wanted to see which one girls would prefer if there was only one choice. I always believed that girls would like to receive more, but have come to know more like to give.

  • I'd go down on him... don't know why, I have just always been the first to go down.

  • I wouldn't do anything sexual on 1st or 2nd date. But I voted A.

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