Girlfriend only wants to see me on weekends?

Me and my girlfriend of 3 months. When we first started seeing each other it was always on weekends Friday Saturday and Sunday's. I spend the night at her place.

now that we are official she still wants to keep it only weekends. It's rare that I will go by on a weds. During work hours I will barely hear from her not even on her lunch. We will sometimes talk on the phone in the evening for about a hour. she said its healthy for us and it allows us to stay focus on our career life and keep our friendships that we have.

is this a healthy?


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  • It's normal. Every relationship has its own pace. She is probably busy the other days. Have you tried discussing it with her? If yes, what did she tell you?


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  • Not really... Does she tell you what she's up to during the week?

    • She works as a nurse mon to fri. After work she would go work out or go hang with her girlfriend etc. sometimes I'll go by say on a weds but it seems she isn't very happy I'm there like she is irritated. Sometimes she told me flat out no on a weekday.

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    • Like last night I tried to call she said she was out having dinner with her kid. I know she does that but then I text were did they go and she just never replied.. I text about hour and a half later and she finally called me saying "whats up?" As if I was bothering her... She said she had din then drove home and was on the phone with her home girl..., I mean I haven't caught her in a lie yet but my gut is saying bull shit why? Because we usually keep contact. If I was out she will text I say I'm out with my home boy and she will ask were I'm I and I reply to her texts... So we kinda had another discussion she said her feelings for me the fire is gone bc of that first fight and I told her well she had a guys watch and shorts there. Watch was her ex and the shorts is her gay guy friends was her excuse at the time so any guy would of been concerned...

    • I ask why is she with me she said bc of our chemistry and she wants us to work. I told her its unfair to me and I don't want to drag this out and she said she never thought of it like that and needs to think and we got off the phone... Nah son I'm starting to lose interest here I don't want to sit around and wait. We're suppose to go camping this weekend and I don't want too if she is being like this.

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