Does he like me still?

Does he like me still? We were never really officially anything. We have been hooking up over the last year and a half. We went on a few dates, but I I think in the beginning he did want a relationship, but I wasn’t up for it. I wasn't ready for a relationsip, I was still away at school. The interest for go on dates came from him. But I kept my options open. I would say it was pretty casual, but I started to get feelings for him. I really like him and care about him. But we never communicated our feelings for each other. I never told him I liked him, we just continued to hook up casually. But now I moved. I moved away a month ago for grad school, all the way across the world. Two weeks before I was leaving he started acting very distant towards me. He ignored me and avoided me when he saw me and was very short with me. So a few days before I left I asked him if he wanted to meet up and talk. He replied to everything else but never answered that question… and hasn’t said anything to me since… it really hurts a lot, a lot more then if he just said somethng, anything even if it was that he doesn't like me anymore. why did he do this? I just wanted some closure and now Im left wondering what his feelings are/ were and why he did this.. Why do guys ignore talking about feelings? Did he care about me/ does he still care?


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  • Best way to find out would be to ask him directly.

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