I asked My boyfriend 'Can I look at your phone' he said 'Only if you don't go through one of my Group chats- should I be mad?

I asked him if i could use his phone while we were on the underground. He was texting a group chat and he said he was cool about it but to not go through a specific group chat (the one he was texting in). I asked why? And he responded 'Its a all Guys group full of horny dudes and I don't want u to see a certain side to me'(roughly what he said). Obviously I started asking him questions and he asked what I thought guys that are single virgins discuss and I said I could imagine they were peverted. He replied whatever image I was thinking to amplify it 10 times because there were no boundaries and some of the things like the pictures sent could be considered illegal.

Apparently it's around 8 guys but do I have a right to be worried? Because technically he hiding his weird side from me? Anyway he told me I could use it later but I never did. I can already tell what things are sent but why do guys in relationships hang with sexually disgusting guys? Also is my boyfriend pretending to dettach himself from these guys by acting like its 'they' rather than 'we'?


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  • My workmates send messed up sexual images like that, they have a dedicated group chat for it. They literally try to one-up how disgusting some of those are. They're doing it for the lulz.

    I don't see why you'd want to stir and cause unnecessary drama.


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  • Let me first start out by saying he gave you permission to look through his phone. Is that not enough? I would not be worried.

    I'm going to assume he wants you to not feel violated by looking at the conversation and pictures that my be included in the chat.

    Just trust him that much to not look at it.


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  • Just forget about it. You don't have to know absolutely everything, especially when it involves other people. I mean, im

    • *dammit, I hit submit by accident*

      I'm sure those guys have said personal stuff about themselves that you have no right to see.

      Also, there's nothing wrong if your boyfriend is hanging out with horny single dudes, who cares, as long as they don't involve him in dangerous and illegal stuff, why does it matter if his friends are a bunch of horny dudes? They're single, it's expected.

  • I believe a free flow of information in a relationship. If the person I'm dating asks, who my friends are, to look at emails or texts. I don't mind. If it makes her feel better then I want her happy.

    I don't expect to see what she's doing but if I ask I would like to see if I have a reason.



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