Is this the end?

So I was in a long distance relationship for a little over 6 months. Nothing bad happened neither one of us cheated we just both found the distance hard. We both still love each other and talk everyday. The only thing that really changed was we agreed to break up at least until the summer when he could be home 24/7. He told me I was 100% the right girl but he met me at the wrong time and beeds to take sometime for himself. He said he wished he could be selfish and make me wait for him but he knew he couldn't ask that of me because it would be unfair and that he wasn't using the time to move on from me but to just do him. He also said he didn't want me to move one either but if I did he wouldn't blame me or get angry. We don't kiss on the lips anymore or have sex but we cuddle and kiss on the cheek or forehead and he said no matter what happens if we lose each other it would kill him and I agree. We both admitted we want to stay close and honestly I forget that we're broken up I'm just using the time to focus on me and that's what we're doing. I'm just worried of losing him or him finding someone new or him never loving me the way he did before he ended it. I feel like I'm walking the edge of ending up with him or losing him forever. I want him back so bad but I know the distance is a stress. Do you think it's possible that this is only a break and that we'll make it? Do you think it's all over and I should just give up and find someone else?


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  • Long disntance and no sex, he has another girl
    Also he needs time! what guy says this! only ones that feel like they can do better.

    Your 21 find a guy who wants to be with you and lives close. You can find a better guy out there. he's sending the signals that he's cheating

    I did long distance for 3 years it was tough, and we lived 1 year together at the end but she couldn't sit still and wanted to live close to her family so we broke up and now we are still friend who talk every 6 months

    • He's not a cheater though he's only slept with me and one other girl (his first ex) and I think he just got into a relationship before he was ready

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  • It's over. Find someone else. Never put your life on hold for a "maybe"

    • Well we both agreed to try and see how things go in April when he's home

    • I am with this guy. Maybe lets get together a few months. He's thinking. I found someone new and if she dosent work out I can go back to you. your the runner up girl. Find someone new.

  • Sorry, but it's over. You're living in a zombie of a relationship because it's just too comfortable being with someone you care about.

    Move on. It's going to be better for both of you in the long term, trust me.

    Good luck. ;)

  • That shit never works. NEXT!

  • What do you want, and want don't you want to lose. Getting what you want will bring you much closer to happiness than losing something you are more concerned about losing than having.


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