Do you judge the other gender before dating?

Well me personally i kinda do i mean not really judge just present the facts infront of me to see if its in my best interest to date a girl or not, for example if she talks to many guys, i see lots of guys commenting on her facebook pictures, she hugs lots of guys, she has many guy friends... etc or if she has tattooes or weird piercings she is not datable to me, i know that it shrinks my dating pool but its just what i require in a lifelong partner i gotta be sure to find what iam looknig for right?

So what about you? do you just date a perso and see where it goes or certain things are instant red flags that won't really change even after dating that person?


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  • Yes, I judge. I look at the guy, and give him a chance. When we are conversing, I judge whether or not I feel compatible with him. If I feel like I'm having a good time, then I'll date him some more.

    I've dated short guys, tall guys, chubby guys, skinny guys, tattoo and piercing guys, long hair guys, bearded guys, clean shaven guys and a bald guy. I give them a chance and if I'm not feeling it, I move on.

    • thats good its how it should be done cause most girls these days say no to a guy without even hearing him out just cause he approached them and they werent feeling nice that day

    • Yes, sometimes people have circumstances that make them have an off day. Or maybe they were raised without manners. With those people I just move along.

  • Of course I do.


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  • Yes. I'm a judgmental person to a major fault, but not in a stupid, misguided way generally speaking. It's not any worse than what girls do to me.

    In the past I've always theorized that a great personality can change everything. Superficial preferences such as sense of style and body type can erode as two people mesh over time, which is exactly what happened.

    It's absolutely amazing. This geeky girl was not on my radar at all the first time we met. She's very low key but extroverted enough to grab my attention. Her style is very plain and she's very thin bodied.

    At face value, she was ruled out by judgement. A friend at best. But then we started talking and learning about one another. She's smart, humble, silly, feminine yet logical, and simple. She's financially conservative.

    Now I can't stop thinking about her. I can't watch porn or imagine anyone else. She even looks so much prettier than she did 4 weeks ago, and she probably didn't do anything different. It's my perception that changed.

    Ironically, now I'm hoping and praying she likes me in the same way. Like, hopefully I'm not friendzoned.

    So much for judgement.

    • well tbh i dont really befriend girls sure i have plenty of girls who are friends but we're not close at all and only friends when we meet at school outside of it iam not really planning to be a friend, we either date or we are not getting closer so i can honestly say that doesn't happen to me... i mean it kinda did once when i met this cute girl i didn't think she was that attractive but i asked her out and after a while i started liking her.

    • Me either. But at least you kind of see how attraction builds over time.

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