Does he not like me or is just scared? maybe hard to get?

I wound up crushing on a guy at work and we all hangout off the clock. So after a hangout I got all my courage and just asked him to grab coffee with me and he was like sure. We chatted until the place closed and we have a ton in common and I thought it was great. However there was moment where he was saying "I self-sabotage relationships so I don't date and stuff" but I didn't think this was a date per se so I ignored it and just enjoyed his company.

he tells me a lot, and even after where I'm hesitant about him actually liking me, I also feel like he's scared. He can be standoffish but he'll come talk to me after I give him some space. And he never says "I'm no into relationships" or anything like that he basically just tells me "I think I'm messed up and will ruin stuff" but he confides in me and hangs out and stuff...

I don't know. I don't want to push him, but I'm not sure if he likes me now. We bicker a bit during our heart to hearts because he thinks he's negative and "crazy" but I think he's smart and realistic and isn't afraid to express that. I always refuse to agree with how harsh he is on himself and he says I'm super positive.

my friend thinks he's prob hurt from his ex still and doesn't want to hurt or ruin me, but I don't think that's for him to decide... I just like him and I'm torn because I don't want to get hurt and not try things just because of some assumption he has about how "happy" and positive I am...


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  • He isn't afraid or shy. What he wants is friends with benefits only

    • So I would agree but he also told me that he doesn't like kissing on the first date or moving into sex as fast as people do nowadays because there's nothing romantic about that. Thoughts?

    • He's full of shit. He's telling you what you want to hear

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