How much does race play a role in liking a girl and how to ask a guy for his number?

I liked this guy in my lecture last semester. I couldn't really tell if he likes me or would be into liking me. But now I see him all over campus (mostly from a distance without being able to say hi). Im afraid to be forward with him and just straight up asking if he would want to hang out. We would just have basic conversations nothing deep or flirty. Another thing is we are different races so I'm not sure if I would even be his type. I feel like I don't know him well enough to try anything, but I really think I like him. So I guess what I'm asking is if race plays a huge role in guys type and what's the best way to approach him.


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  • It depends on the person, some guys won't care at all, other guys will care little and for other guys it can be a big deal. If you don't start getting closer to him, you'll never find out.


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  • It depends on the guy. For some guys it matters, for others not at all.


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