Got rejected by a librarian, should I go back there or not?

Hey guys and girls, I am studying computer science and I have been going to this public library since August last year. I loved studying there and as a result my GPA was 3.8 last semester. I learned a lot and it was great. But there was this cute librarian there, we didn't talk or anything, but I had a huge crush on her. Last weekend, after we were all leaving, I approached her and asked, If i could talk to her for a minute, and her response was, "sorry I am not interested." Then we walked away. Question is, do I go back there to study? Will it be too awkward? I was going to this library since August 2015 and didn't really say anything. Was I creepy? what to do?

more input would be appreciated


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  • It's fine. I worked in a library and people (male and female) working there got asked out a lot there for some reason. So it's no biggie.


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  • She's just a bitch. How'd she even know you were going to ask her out?

    • I don't really know too much about women, but whats the definition of a bitch? can you elaborate a little?

    • She didn't even ask you what you wanted to talk about. For all she knows, you needed help finding something. That's just plain rude.

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