Guys, What should I do? PLEASE HELP?

Ok so I liked this guy since maybe the 6th grade. I am now a junior , but he has liked me back so. For thoes years some months we text and sometimes years go by and we don't even speak. This has been the same cycle since the 6th grade. Well in in June we started "talking" but he got a girl friend and we stop then in October they broke up and we began talking again but he then got back together with her and we stop talking up until January but when they broke up for good. Eveything was going good he texted me everyday he would say hello to me at any giveing time he would come to my locker and talk to me. Well last week he stop talking to me he stop texting he dosent say hello to me I litterly text him and it takes him a hour to text me back or no response at all. And he's been hanging out with this other girl and hasent even said hello to me. Two weeks ago I ask him why he even cared about me and he said "I care about you because I like you, a lot and someday in the near future I want to hopefully be with you." And then a week later he stop talking to me. Can anyone explain this? Like wtf. What should I do!!!


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  • Don't be too impulsive to think he has left you. He is mostly undecided on who he likes. Just give him some time.

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