Should I worry about my casual dating situation?

I've been casually dating someone over the past 2 months. No commitment but we would text a couple of times a week. He usually texts first. I was out of town on Valentine's Day and he texted me just before Midnight.. Happy Valentines Day XO. I haven't heard from him since. I only sent 1 text saying I hope he had a good wknd the day after. He never responded which is unlike him. So it's been 10 days now, and I'm a little hurt. He has a lot going on but to not respond after such a nice message has me confused. Guys and Girls, what's your take on this?


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  • It's casual-itus. The problem with casual relationships is when they are extremely casual and stay that way for an extended period of time, it becomes less serious, and both parties can view it that way and get too comfortable. The relationship is probably just so casual to him he doesn't see it as a priority, because there are no strings or obligations so he allowed himself to become consumed.

    • I figured the same. It was out of his normal pattern. He's a lot of fun, and someone I can see being friends with. I just don't feel comfortable bothering him with a 2nd text. His father is ill, and he helps take care of him. So was a little concerned.

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    • Ha, you're very wise for such a young person. 👍

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  • Hard to say. He could have a secret life you know nothing about

    • I've been to his house. Met his Mom. But I do think he dates around. I'm aware that he's not looking for anything serious, which is fine. But to not hear anything is surprising.

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