Guys, am I just Scared of the past?

I have been talking with this guy for a month. We both have a agreed to take things slow. He has been leaving things at my place, first a phone charger and a lighter and now some clothes. I don't mind I think I'm just scared things are gonna play out like they did with my ex. Where my ex would leave things at my place and say he cared about me and wanted to be with me but then turn around and cheated. I know it's not right to think this new guy will do the same but it's something that's stuck in my head now. This new guys tells me he likes me, he's a complete gentlemen, he has a whole album in his phone of random pics of me that he says are his favorite... im overthinking this... right?


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  • When someone betrays you trust it's had to forget that and to get over the feeling that come with it. Only time will surely tell but I would give him a break so you don't chase him off with accusations